AIPM Project Management Assessment Overview

AIPM Project Management Assessment Overview
AIPM Project Management Assessment Overview 2018-07-19T03:46:49+00:00

Certification is the recognition of your competence and ability to effectively manage projects. Participation in the certification process enables individuals to improve their self-awareness, reflect upon, and learn from their experience.

Certification assesses an individual’s competence in managing projects. Competence is the ability to acquire and apply your project management knowledge and skills in an appropriate context. Certification at this level is a demonstration of competence and not a test of academic achievement or of knowledge.


You must have gained extensive experience (to be assessed at CPPM or above) in the use of project management disciplines throughout your career and ideally managed several projects from start to finish. Experience of the complete project lifecycle is required, although this could have been gained across more than one project.

You must be capable of managing projects with the following characteristics:

  • involvement of several companies and/or organisational units;
  • involvement of several disciplines e.g. technical, business, financial;
  • interrelated sub-projects or work packages within the overall project context; and
  • requiring the application of many of the recognised project management competencies incorporated in the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

A project does not necessarily have to be big, in the sense of scope or budget, or to be complex. Many projects are undertaken as part of major change programs’ within large, sometimes global, organisations and many of these individual projects may meet the criteria. For your chosen project, which must have been completed in the last 2 years, you must be able to demonstrate that you had a full-time, hands-on project management role, and that you were responsible for dealing with the risks and issues as they arose. You should be able to evidence your responsibility for the project budget and/or deployment and control of project resources. It is your role and level of responsibility that is important rather than the project itself. However the project or sub-project(s) should meet the criteria outlined above and should have been brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

What is assessed?

Competencies gained through your experience, a completed self-assessment form and the AIPM Assessment Record Book (ARB), evidencing the following:

  • project management understanding and practice;
  • principles of project management;
  • appropriate use of tools, techniques and methodologies;
  • commercial acumen;
  • problem solving; and
  • stakeholder involvement.

Evidence for AIPM Assessment

This may consist of:

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