Program Office (PMO) Assistance

Program Office (PMO) Assistance
Program Office (PMO) Assistance 2019-09-25T05:05:10+00:00

We can assist with the setup and management of the PMO solution, capable of enabling you to articulate and ‘measure’ the progress and performance of your project / program. We provide reviewing, evaluating and designing a program management office and a framework (covering processes, responsibilities and tools) across the organisation to provide greater control and manage risk.

We help you reduce the risk of program failure by improving practices in change/scope management, issues management, planning, scheduling, resource management, accounting, quality assurance, and communication.

Besides the design, we can staff and assist the PMO with its daily operation and at the same time transfer knowledge to the staff of the organisation.

Contact me now for personalised service: Dr Keith O’Shea PhD, 0417 173 796, or complete the QTC Contact Form.