Program/Project Design

Program/Project Design
Program/Project Design 2018-05-21T04:38:44+00:00

Anything that needs to have a desired shape, size, structure, function, process and result, needs to have a design. It’s very much the same with the development of programs and projects. The design of a program/project includes all of the basic information about the program/project such as:

  • the existing issues in the target area;
  • issues that will be directly and indirectly addressed by the program/project;
  • the level of detail to which issues will be looked at;
  • the agreed goal;
  • the outcomes that are necessary to realise the goal;
  • things that have to be delivered by the stakeholders;
  • the activities and inputs;
  • the resources; and
  • time frame and benefits.

A good design will include detailed plans of monitoring & evaluation and the method for carrying out said monitoring & evaluation.