Project Benefits Realisation

Project Benefits Realisation
Project Benefits Realisation 2018-03-02T02:18:11+00:00

The solving of a problem or opportunity is only the beginning; the whole point of a project is to generate value. Project teams are normally ‘moved on’ shortly after project completion, no one even bothers to confirm that benefits have actually been delivered. Business benefits realisation (BBR) is more about why we do projects rather than how to do projects. It supplies the reasoning, which lends itself to a focussed outcome approach to the delivery of projects. The BBR process strengthens the business case and is essentially carried out before, during and immediately after the delivery of the project. The traditional approach of project success, that is the scope, cost and time constraints have been met, is no longer acceptable. A project must produce valuable benefits post completion.

At QTC our focus is with clients, building their capability across portfolio, program and project management and supporting their delivery of significant programs and projects from definition to delivery.

QTC professionals further enable both public and private sector organisations understand their current level of Portfolio, Program and Project management maturity and work with them to help achieve tangible and lasting improvements in performance.

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